Professional service, experience, guarantee and passion.

Our team is made up of highly-experienced individuals within the show business. CUBE is much more than a musical-event management business. We propose creating our very own style, our own identity, very closely linked to the Mediterranean culture, which has a very personal character and is under demand all around the world.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our guarantee, is our devotion for what we do. The individuals and partners who make up our team at CUBE are all passionate about music, about their surroundings, about events...We care about the image and quality of our events to the smallest of details.

The fact that we place our trust on experienced people who hold a very tight link with the musical and entertainment business makes it possible for us to guarantee high-quality events. Our teamwork, setups, the planning of events...they are all undertaken in a very professional and responsible way, but to us it's our hobby and our passion. 

Mateo Ferragut

All the experience gained since 1998 from private parties and events of different kinds is what allows me to manage this project and to have the ability to organize and visualize the best option for every event. I have been linked to the world of music, of events and parties since my teenage years. A life without music is inconceivable for me. CUBE is a brand created with the aim of uniting all the acquired knowledge throughout these years and to offer this as a single concept; a concept which allows me to exploit my creativity and make it accessible to those who wish to place their trust in CUBE. It is now when my motivation is at its highest level, when we, as a team, wish to develop the furthest, when we wish to offer the best service to each and every customer, in each event and in each individual and unique moment. We are simply passionate for what we do.
I could write in length about my beginnings as an artist and how this led to creating my Live Performance show. However, I welcome you to visit my personal artist’s site where you will find much more information about my work as a DJ and percussionist.


Sounds and rhythms of dance music have poured into my thoughts since a very young age. This is why, for a few years now, I have been working on building my own home production studio, in which I am starting a new project with a lot of energy and positive hopes. In search for my own style, a mixture of the influential sounds of 90s house music and tribal rhythms which I create myself with analogue percussion instruments, I aim to work in collaboration with all other musicians that may be accessible to me. I am a strong defender of instrumental house, electronic music and instrumental sounds recorded in a studio. My perfectionist nature means that I am willing to take the time to learn more and more every day and to polish the tracks that I produce in my home studio to the best of my ability. Both a personal and technological evolution are vital in this sector, this being a sector which becomes more and more important to me every day and also for the CUBE brand.

My music